Photo Transfer

Instructor: Gabia Ferguson

Date: January 20th, 2018

Time: 10am – 4pm

Price: $60.00

Payment can be made be made by etransfer (, phone with credit card, or in store by cash

In this workshop you will learn several techniques for transferring images to your art work. You will then explore some different ways to incorporate these images into a finished artistic piece allowing the image to trigger some new creative directions.

You will learn how to use a variety of media to create not only texture and depth, but also a variety of interesting visual effects adding a whole new exciting to artists these days opens doors of creative possibility that seem inexhaustible, and this allows for incredibly diverse inspiration and personal expression.



  • At least 1 Illustration board OR heavy watercolour paper (or mixed media paper) A4 size or larger
  • 2 or more canvass boards. The size will depend on the size of your images you wish to transfer and how much space for painting around the image you want to leave. If unsure, bring a variety of sizes including A4 or larger to give room to play or to incorporate more than one image.
  • Acrylic paints
  • White gesso (bring)
  • A variety of brush sizes from small to large including approx. 1” and 3” flat
  • Gloss Medium, Matt Medium, or Gel medium (gloss, semi-gloss or matt) All of these work, just the consistency is different. A gloss or semi-gloss medium (or Gel medium) gives the image a shiny finish and is good for one of the techniques. Bring any mediums you have.
  • Magazine pictures, photos, photocopies or ink jet/bubble jet/or laser prints of images that you like (You can incorporate more than one image into your art work)
  • An image printed onto a transparency
  • 100% acetone (nail polish remover is fine if it’s acetone)
  • Palette
  • Paper towel
  • Smock
  • Plastic gloves if desired


  • Liquid acrylics and inks



No previous art experience is required. Just bring your imagination and an open mind and be ready to play and experiment.