Lucy Manley

Backyard Hay Bales by Lucy Manley

Lucy will share her wonderful method of loose and colourful landscape Oil Painting. Lucy has a very unique style that she has been teaching locally for many years.

Born in Germany 1947 to Polish-Ukrainian parents, Lucy emigrated with her family to Ontario. There they eventually settled in the Peterborough countryside where she now resides with her husband. Early interest in art led her to study in Peterborough with John Norton at Kenner Collegiate and later with David Bierk, Eric Loder and Edwin Matthews at Sir Sandford Fleming College. There she also completed first year of Fine Arts. This led to further studies at Trent University. Since then she has attended many workshops around Ontario headed by various established artists such as Poul Thrane, Guttorn Otto, Ron Leonard, as well as the artists at the Buckhorn School of Fine Arts. Lucy has been painting full time since 1989, when she and her husband sold their welding business.


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Please note: Due to staff sensitivities to fragrances, please refrain from wearing perfume to class. Thanks!