See below for more information on workshops run by Greg Maude and Hilda Van Netten (Hilda offers a combination of drawing and watercolour).

Also, please see “Workshops” for one and two day workshops!

New!  Watercolour Classes with Greg Maude

A watercolourist for the past twenty years, Gregory Maude has refined his style of watercolour to the point that his muted shades of colour begin to blend together, forming interesting negative and positive shapes. Greg has been a member of several Ontario art associations and has taught at the Oshawa Art Association and Whitby Arts Inc. He was awarded the “Samac Painter of the Year” award, becoming the fifth member of a select group of artists known as the OAA-Samac Painters. You can see his work at: http://www.facebook.com/gregorymaudefineart

Wednesday Afternoons for 6 weeks –  $160.00

Dates:  March 21 –  April 25th
Time: 1pm – 4pm

Materials List


8 Small Tubes of Watercolour Paints (Winsor & Newton Artist Quality if Possible)

  • French Ultramarine Blue *
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Raw Sienna
  • Antwerp Blue
  • Hooker’s Green
  • Lemon Yellow *
  • Permanent Rose *
  • Prussian Blue

If you want to buy fewer paints to start, please pick three primary colours ( a red, blue, and yellow as show by the asterisk* above). These paints may seem expensive but they will last for a long time. A little goes a long way!

Other Supplies:

  • 1 Sheet of Watercolour Paper ( 140lb Arches Cold Press)
  • 3 Watercolour Brushes
    • Flat 3/4”
    • #2 Round
    • #8 Round
  • 1 Bottle of Art Masking Fluid (Alternate could be liquid frisquet like drawing gum)
  • 1 Bottle of Rubber Cement
  • 1 Board (like Masonite wood or plastic) to tape your paper to. A good size is 16×20. Look around your house for anything flat
  • 1” Masking Tape
  • 1 HB Pencil
  • Sketchbook (or Paper Pad) for Drawing
  • White soft eraser
  • Kleenex and/or Paper Towel
  • Plastic tub to hold water (margarine or sour cream containers work well)
  • Plastic painting mixing tray or old white ceramic plate to mix your colours on

All of the items below can be purchased before the workshop at The Painted Tree.  Come early and find what you need.  We’ll help!


Watercolour/Drawing for Everyone

Learn to draw what you see and then learn to paint it using watercolours.

Hilda Van Netten

 6 weeks for $160.00

Wednesdays: April 11th – May 16th
              May 23rd – June 27th 

6:00pm – 9:00pm



Hilda Van Netten has lived in Northumberland County for close to 30 years.  She is a very talented watercolour/pastel artist who truly enjoys helping students to discover their artistic talents. Her website is http://www.flickr.com/photos/hilda_van_netten/

Hilda has a unique way of teaching watercolours…..advanced students and beginners work together.  She’s found that everyone has something to give and the more advanced students often have a great way of encouraging newbies.


Are you a beginner? Hilda will introduce you to the fascinating world of watercolour using short video clips, demonstrations and hands on learning.  You will be amazed at what you can do with this medium once you’ve been given a few of the basics.

Are you a former student or experienced water colourist?  You’ll be working on subjects of your own choosing, so come with a half dozen high quality images to paint from.  Hilda will help you choose which one will work best in watercolours and which will suit your style.


  • A watercolour palette
  • Minimum quality of Cotman Watercolour paints:  Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow or Quinacridone Gold, Hooker’s Green.
  • Artists’ quality: Winsor and Newton, etc.  You can pick up more colours as you  need them at the Painted Tree.
  • A few watercolour brushes (round, flat)
  • Minimum weight of 140 lb. watercolour paper
  • Plastic board (Dollar Store) to mount your paper on while painting
  • Drawing pencil
  • Staedtler eraser
  • Masking tape
  • Paper towel

Student Testimonials:

“As a complete novice to watercolour, I found this course to be an excellent start.  The class was shown several examples of different styles through slide shows, videos, pictures and Hilda’s own paintings.  She then guided us through the various mixing and brush techniques, giving us ample opportunity to try them out on subjects of our choice. There was a wide range of skill levels in this class but, thanks to Hilda, the atmosphere was very friendly and supportive. I am now motivated to work on improving my watercolour skills and look forward to taking another course with Hilda.” Jane M.

“Hilda’s positive “can do” attitude is the foundation of her approach to teaching.  She encourages each individual’s creativity, inspires and promotes success with her consistent mentoring.  Her skill as a painter and artist is evident in the strategies and skills she shows with her students.

It has truly been a pleasure to be introduced to the art of watercolour painting by such an intuitive, sensitive and encouraging teacher.”  Chris Rollo

The welcoming environment that Hilda provided, along with the fellow classmates at different skill levels gave me the courage to explore what I could do, without being afraid of judgement or criticism. I went into the class thinking I couldn’t draw a straight line, but I left the class with a full page artwork that blew me away. I highly recommend her class.” JM

I went to try something I hadn’t tried before and I was not disappointed! Relaxed and fun atmosphere took away the pressure and there was no such thing as a failure! Great day!  J.J.

We enjoy the workshops very much and learn so much each time in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere…..one of the many reasons we keep coming back.

Allen and Maureen Greenwood

Hilda is a very warm and talented person who is very intuitive to your needs within the class setting. The class provided an easy going atmosphere loved it” SB

In Hilda’s watercolour classes and drawing classes, there is a warmth in the group. Everyone works at their own speed and level. Advanced students share knowledge as well. Everyone encourages each other….it is not a competition but rather personal development.” NN

Please note: Due to staff sensitivities to fragrances, please refrain from wearing perfume to class. Thanks!